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Santiago Cake

One morning in July 2011 I walked into Pamplona with my husband.  ‘Hobbled’ would be more like it as  five days on the Camino de Santiago had given me a blister-to-be-proud-of on my left heel.  Deafening brass bands on every … Continue reading

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Asparagus- Superfood for All

‘In spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to love’. Not only humans, Alfred! All of nature in the northern hemisphere is at full throttle right now going forth and multiplying. Ferns on forest floors are unfurling, grabbing what light … Continue reading

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Irish Rabbit Casserole

It’s not often a man walks into your kitchen mid-morning and lays a binding obligation on you…tú á chur faoi gheasa …. My son-in-law rang -Can I drop something in to you in the next few minutes? He arrived, beaming, … Continue reading

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Stunning Seafood @ The Tannery, Dungarvan

Keywords: generosity, abundance, inspiration, taste, technique, Go ‘off piste’, no waste = more generosity, be tidy, present beautifully. Paul Flynn invites you into his world, starting with a stroll around the kitchen garden. “It starts here” he says “this is … Continue reading

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Pulled Pork- Epilogue

By the time the day of the party arrived, I had slow roasted four 6 pound joints of pork , a mix of gigot and shoulder.

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Pulled Pork

As you cam tell by my writing style, I’m no global visionary.  No, I’m a linear.  Long before the Myers-Briggs had diagnosed my character traits, true fulfilment was found in making a list of all the things on my mind, … Continue reading

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Irish Porter Cake for Nollaig na mBan

I love Nollaig na mBan. Mary Robinson dignified it when she visited the Womens’ Prison in Mountjoy Jail as the first public engagement of her Presidency on January 6th 1991. Every year, women get together all over Ireland, especially along … Continue reading

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Magnificent Salad- a Meme for 2012

It was Christmas Eve, Babe. I parked the car near St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin and tore down towards Grafton Street. Last-minute list in hand, I was on a mission. Rounding the corner of George’s Street and Exchequer Street at … Continue reading

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A gift that blesseth him that gives and him that takes

Our house has been an olfactory delight over the past few weeks, and particularly this week as all our wild geese have returned for Christmas. Cranberry and Orange sauce, Mulling Syrup, Gingerbread Men for the Christmas Tree and Clove Studded … Continue reading

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Joxer’s Lunchbox Salad

No sooner had the Irish won the match against Estonia in Talinn on the iconic 11/11/11 than my son, an economic emigrant, had e-mailed me Christy Moore’s song “Joxer goes to Stuttgart”. Joxer goes to Stuttgart I was roasting some … Continue reading

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