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Feedback on Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding

Well, it worked! The proof of the pudding is in the eating and by that maxim, the Christmas Pudding with a Hidden, Candied Orange was a success. Since it’s made in honour of my Mother-in-Law, I don’t expect much uptake … Continue reading

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Santa’s Spuds

Once upon a time in Dublin, there were three little children getting ready for bed on Christmas Eve. As soon as they were in their pyjamas, they laid out refreshments for Santa and his reindeers. The smallest one placed Baby … Continue reading

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Christmas Cookie Exchange- Ciambelle al Vino

Christmas has been going on for over two millennia now. In the northern hemisphere, it occurs just after the winter solstice, at a time when the days are shortest, the animals are hibernating, the ground needing little in the line … Continue reading

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Sláinte- Staying Safe this Christmas

Those of us who drink alcohol all have our favourite tipple. Some love the moment when the perfectly chilled bottle of white wine is taken out of the fridge and the first glass poured. That familiar sound is music to … Continue reading

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Irish Christmas Pudding with a Candied, Hidden Orange

Every Christmas Day, I make dinner for the family. It could be a matter of rigid prescription and strict conformity to tradition, but part of the fun is that the meal evolves all the time. The teenage vegetarian, the picky … Continue reading

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