We eat
We satisfy ourselves, we commune with each other over food and drink, we nourish and replenish ourselves, we heal our tissues and grow new ones, we relish the produce of the good earth, we rejoice in where we live and the local  fare, we delight in the marvels of distribution which enable us to have ready access to foods from faraway places.

We discern
We know that everyone at our table has preferences. Some have strong likes and dislikes, some have principles which much be accommodated. Some have metabolic imperatives and cannot digest certain foods. Children need to have their palates educated, to be taught to enjoy seasonal foods at a convivial table. Adolescents need to be properly nourished in accordance with their lifestyle – Training for the football team? Trying to maintain a slim figure and not to lose too much weight? Bingeing on high energy fast foods because of missing meals? The building blocks for a healthy mind and body can all be provided at home with some proper planning.

We treasure
We nurture each other by our manners, conversation and sharing. Cooking from scratch is so worthwhile that everyone plays their role – provider, gardener, shopper, cook, baker, barbeque-r, table setter, plongeur/plongeuse (the person in the rubber gloves stationed at the kitchen sink washing as we go) tidier-upper and playlist organiser.  We give thanks.

We are aware
We acknowledge that there’s a lot less money around now than in the noughties. We take care not to waste. We don’t spend on food with  low nutritional value. We are conscious of carbon footprint. We know that human lifespan is longer now than ever before, and we care for our brains and peripheral nerves, hearts and circulation, immune systems and the telomeres of our DNA by eating balanced  food with plenty of vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, omega-3 oils and roughage among the fuel of carbohydrates, protein and fat.  We stay informed: modern science has so much to teach us. We remember that our ancestors knew hunger and famine, and don’t take plenty for granted.


2 Responses to Mission

  1. WiseMona says:

    I love your ethos. Great blog.
    Hope to meet you some day.

    • haysparks says:

      Thanks Móna. The main obstacle at this point is that all the technology is SO intimidating to me! Anyway, I’m learning on the job!
      Congrats on winning the trip to Weimar…Good Luck and hope to read all about it before long.

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