My earliest memory is of sitting on my grandmother Mimi’s kitchen table singing with her as she baked. Granny Galvin put me to work at the age of about six, collecting the hens’ eggs in the morning, helping to bring in the cattle for milking, gathering mushrooms on a tráithnín. My late mother cooked and provided lovingly and with discernment all her life. Our family tree is sprinkled with the legacy of long lines of home cooks who have turned the responsibility of nourishing those in their care into an art form and a delight.

I live in Dublin near the Royal Canal with my husband, Greg, and our seventeen-year-old daughter, Eimear. Our three older children, Billie, Alannah and Ruairí have grown up and left home. They now enjoy running their own households and keeping a good table with their partners.

Having studied medicine at UCD, I worked as a general practitioner for many years. During this time it became clear to me how many people were too time-starved to source, prepare and eat nutritious food. Now that the economic boom is over, people are more cash-strapped than before and need to be able to feed their households well for less.

Iníon a Trí can take the credit for this blog. Many’s the time Eimear has told me how her school friends have asked for the recipes of the various concoctions that turn up in her school lunchbox.

Well, among other things, here they are!

Thanks for stopping by.



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