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#burgerton at Old Farm, Redwood, Co.Tipperary

To my surprise, it wasn’t the cockcrow at dawn that woke me in Old Farm.  No, it was the rustle of an early morning breeze through the huge weeping Beech tree outside my bedroom window.  After a few moments of … Continue reading

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Salad of smoked duck and pomegranate

Standing at the counter in Honest 2 Goodness market recently, I told Bríd how good the smoked duck breast had been.  I had bought some the previous week and asked her how to serve it. -“Try a salad with some … Continue reading

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Party Time

Every now and again there’s a reason to celebrate, to come together, eat, drink, tell stories, sing a few songs, have the craic…to have a party. Our new grandson is having his Naming Ceremony next Saturday.  We’ll all go to … Continue reading

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A lesson in cooking Crab and Lobster….. …..long threatening comes at last

It came as a shock to me to discover that crab and lobster were considered by some to be an up-market, posh food.  I was seventeen, and had just come to college in Dublin. All of my childhood summers had … Continue reading

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Story for KLCK Bloggers Network

Story.  I love that word.  Someone is telling a story.  Is anyone listening? My friend Sally has three sons and she told me this story.  One of her sons went away to Calcutta one November with a group from his … Continue reading

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Blackberries at Lúnasa

We gathered our first blackberries of the season last Sunday.  Given any few rays of sunshine, this year’s crop looks promising.  And they’re free.  There they hung in the hedgerow along with sloes, rose hips and elderberries, mostly camouflaged, for … Continue reading

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To be or not to be- the joy of the London Olympics 2012

This time last week I was in my seat in the ExCel arena, London, at Katie Taylor’s quarter final match in the Olympics.  Now that she has won a gold medal, causing the country to come to a standstill, the … Continue reading

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