Buy Irish. How would you know?

Every Euro spent locally is likely to be re-spent locally. That’s how we create jobs in our neighbourhood and locality. Not by complaining, but by being aware of the consequences of our own actions. The Single Transferable Euro is how I like to view it, and it’s worth just as much consideration as how I’d cast my vote at election or referendum time. 

If you need some help discerning what’s Irish and what’s not, The Consumer Show on RTE Television last night ran an eleven minute piece about ” The Multiplier Effect” as it’s known in the business. Have a look at 01.57 minutes to 12.54 minutes on the RTE player and you’ll be much wiser afterwards. Go on, you can afford eleven minutes!

Under EU law, the Irish government can’t promote the purchase of Irish produce as to do so would be deemed anti-competitive and therefore, illegal.

So it’s up to us consumers to know the difference, inform ourselves and become more discerning shoppers. After all, ‘Caveat Emptor’ is one of the oldest warnings in the civilised world…Let the Buyer Beware!

Eddie Hobbs and Keelin Shanley invited Damian O’Reilly of DIT, a Retail and Marketing expert, Pat Kinsley of Neworld Associates, a Branding expert, and a group of Women who cater for their families, to contribute.

My only quibble with the programme was it seemed to be a ‘given’ that all food shopping is done in the supermarket. It’s not! Despite pressure on time and income, people are going to farmers markets, small suppliers and specialists such as fishmongers, butchers, vegetable stalls in greater numbers than before. Quality is superb, advice is outstanding, and value for money is sound.

Pat Kinsley gave us a great list of criteria for Irish foods. His layout and fonts made it much more attractive than mine, but here’s the gist of it…..


Two of my four children have gone abroad to work and live. One, to follow her dream, the other, because there were no jobs here.

” Think Irish” will be the working theme of the campaign on the Consumer Show. They’ll be covering this in the programme over the next few Tuesdays -well timed as the growing season in Irish agriculture has just begun.

I’ll be watching.

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