Prevention is better than cure- Kids on a sugar buzz

Easter is now over. It’s a lovely time of year but I’ve heard so many people complaining about how their day was ruined by hyperactive children high on an early morning fix of sugar, cheap chocolate and additives.
” What can you do? ” their parents say.
How about feeding them a proper breakfast first and allowing chocolate afterwards? It’s only fair to them.

I remember my eldest daughter being sick in the night after a friend’s fifth birthday party. She had been collected straight from school by her kind hostess and had over-indulged in all the delicious party food.

As I sat combing the unspeakable out of her waist-length blonde hair at 2 am, I wondered ” How can I make sure this NEVER happens again?” As they say, if you want the right answer, ask the right question. A flashback came into my head. Scarlett O’Hara getting ready for the barbeque at Twelve Oaks in Gone with the Wind. Her ‘Mammy’ insists that she eats before going out because it’s what ‘young ladies’ do so it doesn’t look like they’re hungry at home. I had read the book in my teenage years and the descriptions were much more graphic. Scarlett and her sisters were always made eat mashed potatoes before going to a party. I had my answer.

This clip is SO dated, but enjoyable too, all 2.34 minutes of it. And Vivien Leigh is SO beautiful.

From that day on, I always collected my kids from school and brought them home to feed them before going to a party. Pasta would be the order of the day, and they would always have their favourite sauce- carbonara, bolognese or primavera. The funny thing was that people often said what lovely table manners they had at parties. Sure they couldn’t eat another morsel!

Let’s be kind to our children and give them a chance. They sleep long hours at night and wake up hungry. They deserve more than a quick sugar fix rapidly followed by sky-high blood sugar, crashingly low blood sugar, and yo-yo-ing moods all day. Try pancakes for breakfast– batter is easily made the night before and eggs have protein which is a great appetite stabiliser.

The benefits don’t stop with the children…everyone has a nicer day. Ask any teacher!

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Viewing the world, the human condition, our history, evolution and health through the prism of food.
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