Coffee Walnut Cake for a Game of Poker

There’s a game of Poker in our house tonight. Six men, passionate about the game, will play cards, drink tea and eat cake. Himself asked me to provide a snack for ‘the break’- ‘just tea and cake’. These guys don’t let any of the more mundane pleasures of life interfere with their game.

So I took down my oldest cookery book and made a Coffee Walnut Cake, the cake of my childhood (and of his, and probably, his card-playing companions).

The Art of Home Cooking, The Stork Cookery Service, 1963

I did so much regressing in the kitchen this morning that for a moment, I contemplated leaving them the bowls to lick too.
” Coffee dough or coffee buttercream lick, Lads?”

The pathways of delight are differently wired in all our brains but the end-product is the same. A switch is tripped flooding the brain with dopamine and causing waves of pleasure. How you get there is your own business.

Coffee Walnut Cake

I just hope that these guys, all trapped in suits this past, sunny week, enjoy their cards and the coffee walnut cake.

And maybe we’ll still be able to pay Phil Hogan’s Household Charge after it?


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Viewing the world, the human condition, our history, evolution and health through the prism of food.
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2 Responses to Coffee Walnut Cake for a Game of Poker

  1. mary irvine says:

    Thats all very well but where is the recipe?
    It looks gorgeous.

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