Dine in Dublin Restaurant Week

‘Dublin can be Heaven…..there’s Magic in the Air’
Spring is here, the clock goes forward tomorrow evening. We’ll all relish the ‘grand stretch in the evenings’. There are so many reasons to book a table in Dublin City from Monday 26th March to Sunday 1st April 2012.

Maybe you’d like to
– Say Thank You to someone
– Cheer up someone who’s had a rough patch
– Celebrate with friends or family
– Enjoy the buzz of Dublin City Centre, the style, the energy…
– Treat your tastebuds to a new cuisine
– See just how good the value-for-money is when you order the set menu in participating restaurants
– Leave your leafy suburb and Go To Town
– Have a great night out

You have no idea how much the chefs and restaurants of Dublin have adapted to changes in the Irish economy. They’re upped their game, changed their menus, lowered their prices. Being professionals, they’re bringing their skills to bear on fresh, less pricy ingredients and offering us even better quality, taste and presentation. They’re ready for everyone. If you prefer food that’s vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, they’ve anticipated you. If you’ve made a theatre booking and need to get there on time, service will be fast. They want you to have an enjoyable meal and to leave smiling, planning to come again.

Yesterday, Chef John Nagle and his team at Café Novo, Westbury Hotel, treated a group of food bloggers to a sampling of all the dishes on their set menu for Dine in Dublin Restaurant Week.

Rack of Pork, Fish Catch of the Day and Daube of Beef

Dublin City Business Improvement District is a company whose success is that we see their results and not the mechanics of the operation. Why is Dublin cleaner and safer, with less graffiti? Why are the floral displays so well kept in Dublin City? Who is coaxing us out of the suburbs and presenting us with ownership of our city on the banks of the river Anna Livia Plurabelle? Along with all the others who make our city run well, these are the people who do it.

It’s time to wipe the memory of ‘that summer in Dublin’ off the blackboard and reclaim our city.

-Bring your car- parking is discounted
Take a Dart around the scenic contours of Dublin Bay or take a bus.
Jump on a bike– the number of cyclists in Dublin has reached a critical mass where it’s now a lot safer.
-or just walk, saunter, stroll…whatever…the Italians have their passegiata, we have our ‘daily constitutional’

Creme brulée and Lemon Posset desserts

After mouthwatering desserts like these, you know you’ll want to.

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4 Responses to Dine in Dublin Restaurant Week

  1. Adam says:

    Lovely post 🙂 I’m drooling at the thought of the sample menu again! Haha

  2. dailyspud says:

    Ah yes, so many fine reasons to dine in the capital and ’twas lovely to have the pleasure of meeting your good self last Friday – here’s to good dining and good company!

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