Feedback on Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding

Well, it worked! The proof of the pudding is in the eating and by that maxim, the Christmas Pudding with a Hidden, Candied Orange was a success. Since it’s made in honour of my Mother-in-Law, I don’t expect much uptake from the others but this year was different. On cutting the pudding, orange fragrance filled the air. The first slice emerged with a pretty crescent of candied orange at the middle. Everyone got a small portion of the orange, and its flavour was enhanced by the Cointreau butter. Himself declared that it was the only more-ish Christmas pudding he’d ever tasted, and asked for more on Stephen’s Day. It ticked all the boxes for a good steamed fruit pudding- dense on fruit, moist, colourful and boozy.

Would I do anything differently? I’d bury the orange more deeply in the pudding so it couldn’t rise, and I’d pack the pudding more so the orange wouldn’t shrink at the core. And I’d add chopped, blanched almonds to the pudding- being focussed on following the recipe accurately, I overlooked the fact that our family loves nuts.

Not everyone tasted the Cointreau butter. Custard and whipped cream have their loyal fans, and must be honoured. Those who did try it, loved it.

A photograph of the cut pudding would have been nice, but will have to wait as it is trapped in my new camera. Santa was SO good to me, but I forgot that all new technology requires a bit of RTM ( read the manual!) It will take many weeks before I learn how to use it and its new software to take photos, upload and edit them, and post them onto the blog. When I know how, I’ll add them on.

Months later….here’s the photo….. the orange looking a little collapsed after being boiled, candied and steamed in the pudding. It tasted great, however, and the aroma of orange perfused every mouthful.

Christmas pudding with a hidden, candied orange

Orange Christmas pudding with Cointreau butter

Will I make it again next Christmas?

A resounding YES!

Beannachtaí na Féile

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7 Responses to Feedback on Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding

  1. Peggy says:

    OH this sounds so dfferent! I would love to try it! Do you have the recipe?

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  3. Maria says:

    where do i find the recipe

  4. I have just made this pudding but cheated with the Orange in the middle and bought a segmented candied orange in London. Am hoping it works – the pudding does smell lovely and I managed a tiny one from the left-overs and it tasted delicious today! Roll on Christmas Day for another steaming and eating☺️ First time I have used beef suet too, looks a lovely, moist pudding.

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