Growing spuds

Needing to buy seed potatoes, I asked my friend Christine where she got hers. “Fruit Hill Farm,” she replied. “Go online, ask for a catalogue and they’ll deliver to your door.”

Within a week, a van pulled up at my front door and a man gave me a box of Gardeners’ Seed Mix: 2.5kg of earlies, Colleen; 2.5kg of early main crop, Cara; and 2.5 Kg of main crop, British Queens. All this plus 0.25kg Sturon white onion sets (about 80 onions) and 0.5kg shallots (about 20 sets) delivered to my door for €25!

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We hope to plant them this coming weekend.

Given the year that’s in it, I’m tickled that we’ll planting British Queens! And even more delighted that we’ll have our own spuds this summer. Deo Volente, as my Mum would have said.

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Viewing the world, the human condition, our history, evolution and health through the prism of food.
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